DIY Maintenance, repairs and improvements

Last updated 15th November, 2020

In order to keep costs to a minimum, most maintenance and repair work needs to be undertaken by Club members and a basic tool kit with obvious consumables will be kept on board.

Clearly it is important that no-one attempts tasks that are beyond their experience and ability as serious and expensive damage could be caused. However, there is a wide range of tasks that involve little or no specialist knowledge and a further range of straightforward DIY tasks that could easily be learned by an enthusiastic member.

Some examples of work that can be done by Club members, either during their allocated time on board or at 'Work Parties' are:

Exterior paintwork (cleaning/polishing, preparation & retouching)

 Interior woodwork maintenance, sanding & varnishing

Curtains & covers - making & repairing

Window cleaning

'Spring' & 'deep' cleaning, including carpets

Laundering of bedding & soft furnishings

Woodwork repairs & improvements

Cleaning engine compartment & self draining channels

Engine servicing (oil & filter changes, refilling stern tube greaser, battery checks & topping up etc.)

Andante DIY Jobs

These lists show the jobs that have been completed by owners, and those that were contracted out.

The following jobs have been completed by members:

  • Remove GMS telephone, incl. control unit & cabling
  • Replace room thermostat with programmable one
  • Swap digital voltmeter with switch, for old analogue one
  • Fit cup/mug hooks below high level galley cupboard
  • Fit additional brass coat hooks
  • Install Alternator to Battery Charger
  • Relocate domestic isolator switch
  • Substitute Perspex for glass in cratch hinged panels
  • Effect temporary reinforcement of cratch
  • Install drinking water tap with in-line filter at galley sink
  • Fit new seal to weed hatch
  • Remove forward pump-out toilet, tank etc.
  • Replace faulty mixer on the calorifier
  • Fit magnetic knife/utensil strip
  • Ease internal doors as necessary
  • Modify bow and stern fender attachment chains to facilitate temporary lifting while negotiating ‘short’ locks
  • Remove telephone antenna and seal roof
  • Remove solid fuel stove, flue etc.
  • Install primary fuel filter with drain facility for the main engine supply
  • Fix magnets for stern doors
  • Cut/fit rubber sheet for stern deck
  • Remove bathroom pump-out toilet, tank etc.
  • Clean out and re-paint integral domestic water tank
  • Cut flue pipes to size for welding (welding now done by Fred Moore)
  • Install diesel fired Reflex stove, including fuel supply, filter etc.
  • Re-plumb drinking water tap to improve flow rate
  • Upgrade inverter to sine wave 2kw inverter charger 
  • Swap central heating radiators
  • Regular engine services
  • Re-black hull & (Feb 2018 & March 2020)
  • Repaint roof


The following jobs have been completed by Pennine Cruisers as they were outside our expertise and/or availability:

  • Remove gearbox/bell-housing to tighten bolts between the two
  • Repair dents in port side bow cheeks
  • Weld on additional fender attachment points
  • Construct and install steel doors at the stern
  • Construct and install taff rail seats on the stern deck
  • Repair grill burner and wire up spark igniters