This page last updated by KW on 15th November, 2020.

Access to school holidays

We have a single Special share with owners who can only take a full week if it is in school holiday times. When the current owners sell, this share will become an ordinary one.

The special share has priority in the allocation of holiday weeks so it's four weeks are allocated ahead of everyone else. To reflect this considerable advantage over holders of ordinary shares, the special share carries a surcharge of 25% on monthly/annual subscriptions.

After the holiday weeks have been allocated to the special share, there will always be at least nine school holiday weeks left for ordinary share owners, at least four of which will be in peak time (June, July & August).

With an Ordinary share, you have no priority access to school holiday weeks but can choose one, alongside other owners and subject to availability. Typically, you could expect to get one or two school holiday weeks each year as some members have no interest in them whatsoever, preferring times when the canals are quieter.